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Gift Dance Tutorials

Interested In Volunteering?


We invite you to join The Gift CK however you would like to be involved, as much or as little as it is all your choice. Volunteers welcomed as equals at any role/level. Individual communities & neighbourhoods make the plans and decisions for their area.

Drop Off Locations




Cedar Springs

Charing Cross


Chatham Dropoff locations





Highgate, Duart, Muirkirk

Merlin/South Buxton

Mitchell’s Bay

North Buxton

North Harwich






Depot Location

Glad Tidings Church

Bothwell Fire Hall

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Holy Trinity church

Light house Dental, Marcos food, walmart


will be taken to Kinsmen Hall – Erie Street North Merlin

Old Dresden Casino

Word of Life Church, Blenheim

Grave diggerz

Kinsmen Hall – Erie Street North Merlin

Mitchell’s Bay Marina (3 allen road)

North Buxton Community Park

Rushes and mckays corner

Ridgetown Scout Hut

Bayview market drop off location then taking to ridgetown

Sertoma Hall

Ashley’s Place


Important Dates:

Present – Nov 17: find everyone that wants to volunteer and participate and begin finding all those in need in our community to benefit from this food and gift drive.

NOV 18 – COMMUNITY COLLECTION DAY put any gift that you feel called to on your front step before 12 noon and someone from our collection crew will pick it up to help get it into the hands of someone who needs it.

Nov 19 – Dec 25 – Get the gifts in the right hands. The collection belongs to all of us, who do you know that will only accept it from you?
The Gift is the community and is run by the community, there is no hierarchy or selection process, therefore everyone selects their own roles. Create your own role or select from below:

Community Captain – Organize and facilitate the volunteers in your community with other captains. It’s a team, even if you just have one skill to bring to them. Each area has full discretion over all decisions. It’s up to your community to decide what it does with the collection .

Volunteer – Pick up November 18, spread the word, make a TikTok challenge, help sort the collection, paint signs, do The Gift dance etc. anything your heart calls you – this is your role, you do it your way, no permission needed!

Donate – Put any gift on your front porch on Nov 18. Non-perishable food item, toys, books, socks, sudoku for a senior, gift card for a haircut voucher to support local businesses, coupon for a free snow shoveling etc.

Spread the word – Let your friends, family, coworkers, neighbours know the Gift is happening. Remind them to leave a gift on the porch on November 18th. Share on social media. Follow The Gift on social media accounts. Tell the world about how excited you are for November 18th!

Receive – If you need it and would like to benefit from the Gift, get in touch with us and we will ensure you don’t miss out.

Distribute – The many amazing organizations within CK simply can’t find everyone; how can the community fill in the gaps? Do you know someone in your circle that will only trust you to help them in receiving gifts, who do you see that needs help, do you know a way that you can help, let us know and we will do what we can to help you help others? If you know of someone who could use help but you aren’t sure how to help them, let us help you with the Gift sensitivity specialists to reach out to them. Together we will figure out a way.

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