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About CTCK

The purpose of ComeTogetherCK (CTCK) is to continually redefine how communities can work and shine individually and together. Unleashing untapped potential in each of us in Chatham-Kent, enriching lives of all in the our community.

CTCK ecosystem acts by sensing and responding. Individuals and teams do not fit a job description, but constantly search for ways to bring their most value to the purpose. They alone make this choice after consultation with peers. They consider the needs of the community, their skills/passions, their bandwidth and resources available. This means we do not run “standard programs” or operate on a schedule. CTCK is, by its nature, organic and evolving, driven by every individual’s actions involved in the organization. Humans get built and rebuilt.

In December, 2021, ComeTogetherCK received their not-for-profit status and Articles of Incorporation. The Board is actively meeting and actively recruiting. To read about the board – click here.



  • Association of Fundraising Professionals’ (AFP) Canada South Chapter 2020, National Philanthropy Day 2020 Community Champions 2020 Award – May 16th Miracle
  • International Association of Business Communicators, Award of Excellence 2022 – Vaccine Q&A Facebook Lives
  • Queens Platinum Jubilee 2022 – ComeTogetheCK, Brent Wilken